The Diasporist


I’m black.  I’m gay.  I’m a Republican.  I don’t fit in – I’m a man without a land.

Who I am, where I come from, and what I’m doing isn’t quite as interesting as all the other black gay Republicans out there – but since we all think our lives are more important than they really are, why not blog about it?  I am a current first year law student at Georgetown; before my entrance into the law school bubble I was an undergrad at the University of Michigan, and I spent one fateful year in professional politics working as an operative for the Illinois House Republican Leader.  Chicagoland is where I grew up, but my hometown is a little slice of Americana in northeastern Indiana called Ft. Wayne.  I enjoy music – hip/hop, jazz, and classical mostly – and  I alternate between being a fitness freak and admitting to myself that pizza is seriously the most tasty food known to man.

My story is a story of identity; how they intersect and inform each other – how one has flown from the other.  This blog is a window into how I see the world.  As a law student, expect me to opine about the law of course, but politics, law, culture, society, and even those mundane happenings of any random day do not exist in a bubble; I wouldn’t expect them to on this page.  My goal here is to challenge, to question, and to exchange thoughts and ideas.  So, let’s get about it…

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